Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How long do sessions run?

Sessions generally run for 60 - 75 mins. The students tend to get tuckered out after an hour of dancing. 

Who is it suitable for?

Everyone ages K-Yr12

Do you take photos?

We have access to photographers that can document the day for you. All photos will be forwarded to you for approval before being posted on social media. Social media is very important to us and our growth, but we also understand it’s sensitivity in terms of dealing with children. If you’d prefer us not to bring a photographer, that’s fine too - just let us know. 

Do you have Working With Children Checks?

Yes, all employees have WWC. We can send you copies when you book.

Do you have public liability insurance, Work Cover and Risk Assessment?

Indeed we do, we can send you copies when you book a session for your records. 

How many students can participate?

We have 2,000 headsets in total. 

Where is the best place to hold a Playground Sounds event?

Events work best in a Sports Hall or underneath a COLA, it helps to contain the atmosphere. 

How do the headsets work?

The wireless headsets work on an FM radio frequency. There are three channels of music, a switch on the side of the headset changes the channel.  

What kind of music is played?

We play a range of chart, pop, hip hop and dance songs (All of which are clean radio edits of songs). Group dance songs such as The Macerena, The Nutbush and YMCA are also included. 

Can we have a student channel?

Yes. We can accomodate any budding student djs that own a controller on one of the channels. Please let us know prior to the event and we can talk them through what’s required and expected of them. 

What about a wet weather plan?

We are very flexible in terms of where we can set up, we can move to a suitable inside area if you have one. If a re scheduled event is required we would need at least 48 hour notice otherwise a 50% cancellation fee is appliacible.

What do we need to provide on the day?

We just need access to power, we’ll have everything else - power cords, extension cables, tables etc.  

Do you offer any discounts for referring other Schools to Playground Sounds?

Yes, if you refer a new school that makes a booking we’ll give you 50% off your next booking. If you refer us to two new schools that make a booking we will give you your next event for FREE! 

What part of the curriculum does that cover?

(Lisa to cover the curriculum key points)

Do you do bookings outside of school events?

We service a range of private parties, festivals, conferences and fitness events. Please contact us so we can help tailor your package to suit your event.