How it Works

Students are encouraged to participate by wearing a headset where they can choose between 3 channels of music.

Each student is also given a wireless heart rate monitor (or wireless fitness tracker) that they wear on their wrist during the 60-90 minute program.

Students dance & exercise for 40-60 minutes while we track their movements & then at the end of the session they tap the wrist band on our movement pad to collect their results.

We then tally the results to determine the leading school. Each student receives their results via email after the session. 

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Playground Sounds Dancing
Playground Sounds Smartband

Playground Sounds is the perfect program for rewards days // Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Real Time Feedback

You’ll see visual feedback both in zone colours
and the visual display can also be seen in beats per minute.

A fun and unique experience

Playground Sounds works for students aged 5 to 18 years of age. We tailor our program to work in line with students of all ages, abilities & disabilities - everyone can enjoy.

Playground Sounds works best if it runs for a length of 40-60 minutes.

We use wireless headsets with a select on of 3 channels of music.

Our headsets can work within a clear 500 meter radius.

We can either set up indoors or outside.

We provide the DJs, equipment, headsets, photographer and stay to execute the day.

Our set up only takes 20-35 minutes depending on the school size.

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